SSD = Swift Strategic Development Plan

We would love to reveal our 42 Point SSD Plan, but it has come to be the equivalent of our “Secret Sauce” much like that the McDonalds uses on it’s Big Mac®, or the secret recipe that Coke® hides from Pepsi®.

It is important to know, that we have a plan. We are more than a “Web Developer”, our focus is to become an active contributing member of your team. Earning our position… And that requires a plan. Let’s Create A Plan For You.

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This form will help us to best understand your business, its goals, and your website project goals.

It is our desire to create a tool that will make an impact in your business. To do this, would like to schedule a meeting so that we can ask some questions that will get us all where you would like to be much faster. This all we do, all day. Stand Bye for a Swift Response

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Everyday we meet business owners and management teams busy working in their business, with little time to work on their business. Developing and managing your unique online presence is all we do. We can do as little or as much as you would like. Do you really want to be a webmaster?

Because we understand how valuable your time is, we will make it easy and bring breakfast or lunch. Simply fill out the Swift action form and see how we respond.

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Design & Develop

We start each project with a clean canvas.

When you select us as your web developer, our job is to paint a picture and tell your story:


This is not easily done with an off the shelf template, where one's logo is stuffed into a pre-determined box or location. We take the time to learn about your business and in many cases your local or regional competition. Identify points of communication and weave them into our
42 POINT SSD PLAN, aka Swift Strategic Development Plan.

Who You Are

On our Home Page we asked a simple question, right at the top. How many First Impressions do you get? The answer is… One!
We all get One First Impression and that includes your business. Today, more and more the first impression of your business is had online. And it does not take long to develop. Statistics show that your online first impression is developed in less than one second, 3/10ths to be exact.

Knowing this fact, some of our first steps are to take a snapshot of who you are and develop a web presence that is unique to you and your business. We take steps to make it personal and develop what is really going to help grow your business, a relationship.

What You Do

Now that we have developed a unique first impression that is expected as an industry leader, we set out to navigate them to content that confirms you are the (insert your industry) leader. There is something about all of us that wants to work with a company that is at the top of their game. Our team looks to work with you to have your content tell your story.


Your story is your secret sauce, your SSD Plan.  We will work with you to identify strategic points within your business that need to be communicated and then develop content integrated with images or videos that tell the story.  You have a story that needs to be told, one that shows you have an approach, a perspective or product that sets your company apart from all others; and then we showcase them.

How to reach you

Yes, you can have a contact page (if you really want one). They are like belly buttons, everyone has one. Within our 42 point SSD Plan are necessary components that help to convert. Getting the phone to ring or RFI (request for information) is one thing. How to respond is something completely different.

We will provide additional eduction that will better prepare you to convert and grow your business.

The fact that our company Swift Business Solutions is made up of a team of professionals that have all owned, operated and sold multiple companies helps us stand out. Why? Being an owner gives us a unique perspective and drive not only to get the job done, but to get it done in an efficient, effective manner. We call this a Swift Business Solution.


Swift News and Views is a collection of recent sites launched, tips and suggestions for use on your website or through social media. And because our team LOVES to eat, we have a section where we share some of our favorite recipes and dining spots. Cruise through and let us know your thoughts.