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Video Production

There are many reasons to develop a video for your website, below is a short list for you review. Just to wet your whistle.
Everyone is looking for their website to be on Page 1 on Google. Let’s ask a question…
Do you know which search engine is #2?
YouTube… Which happens to also be owned by Google.

While there is no silver bullet to being found on page 1 on Google, we do know some of the necessary components to achieve this result. One of them is having a presence on YouTube. *"A company website is 50% more likely to be ranked on the front page of Google if it contains a video."

Why Video?

Simply put… Video works better than pages of text. In today’s fast paced culture we look for more in a short period of time. Reading pages of text is good, but if you can watch a video to see and hear more information about your company and the products and services, this is better. 20% of visitors will read the majority of the text on your website, but 80% will watch the same content when delivered via video.

Video Creates Trust & Credibility

Video gives your client an opportunity to get to know your company or product better. Text has no emotion and no personality. By creating a video, you are establishing a connection with your customer. Video answers questions and concerns prospective customers may have.

Types Of Video

  • Product Tour

    • Features information about your product or service
    • Demonstrates your product in action
    • Announces new features/designs
    • Used to introduce product before sales presentations // online
  • Company Profile Video

    • Showcases company, products, people
    • Establishes connection with potential client
    • Gives company a voice
  • Client Testimonial

    • Builds trust and credibility for your company, product, service
    • Video referral from your clients


Swift News and Views is a collection of recent sites launched, tips and suggestions for use on your website or through social media. And because our team LOVES to eat, we have a section where we share some of our favorite recipes and dining spots. Cruise through and let us know your thoughts.